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sharing 250We are very proud to announce that the "book that started it all" for H.O.W. has now reached 1 MILLION copies in distribution around the world.  It has been translated into over 56 different languages.

"Sharing Jesus With Children Around The World is a colorful, rhyming book that clearly defines salvation to the reader, whatever the age. Its flowing simplicity covers Christ's existence before the world's creation; creation of the world and man; the fall of man into sin; the need of a Savior; the birth of Jesus; the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ; our restoration through Jesus Christ--our only way back to God. The book ends with God's free gift of everlasting life and His great love for us. (John 3:16) The last page is the prayer of invitation for the reader to sign and date upon receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our prayer is that children around the world will be given the opportunity to come to understand, know and love Jesus as they read the pages of this book."


Our day is over, our time here is spent, but we leave having left the gospel message of Jesus Christ with an estimated 1600 - 1700 children! (7 schools, orphans and neighborhood children) There were 100s that raised their hand to accept the Lord and say the prayer of salvation; however, I am not one to say who was "saved" as God alone knows.

I did not have internet in Uganda so to fill you in we shared the gospel with children in the slums, orphanges and schools and churches. Many came forward. We had ministry to widows three afternoons as well as ministry to other adults.

It has been an amazing trip. God has been with us every step of the way. Miracles, signs, wonders . . . God has provided. I know I will be coming back. I am leaving way too many friends and "family". Even the Chief came to see us today and tell us we were always protected here and under his watch.

So, this is a sweet farewell to Kenya and a huge "thank you" to God. He is absolutely amazing.

Saved to serve,

Lynne R. O’Quinn

child before after 350

This photo comes from Scott and Brian in Togo, Africa.

It shows the difference our Living Water Systems make! Very thankful to be saving lives around the world with our devices.

Learn more about Living Water Systems and how you can help.
Thanks "you know who" for the new floors! Wow! We are taking in about 5-7 new families each week and growing fast and strong. I know all our families will love the fresh look! Thanks!
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For anyone particpating in the H.O.W. "From Our Family to Yours" Water System program we'll attach a picture of your family to the device as it leaves for it's mission.  When the group returns you'll recieve a picture of the familes blessed by the Living Water System you donated.  

We received this letter from Emmanuel in Malawi;

Wow! Thank you so much for your support. You are keeping me busy serving the Lord & thinking of new and more creative ways of reaching out to people with your books. As l am talking the demand is already high than supply due to the evangelism football league l am introducing in schools where a winner will go away with Jesus Trophy. We are looking for 20 teams that will be competing & the aim is to draw crowds to Jesus using sport as a tool to reach out to the lost interested in sports. Before the match kicks off, there will be preaching of God's word and the converts will be getting Jesus Bible Study book/Sharing Jesus with Children Around the World". We are going to introduce Jesus Bible study groups in different areas where our converts will be coming from. All football players participating in this leagues will be first ones to be witness to before we take the witnessing to the crowd that will be watching the evangelism soccer matches we are introducing. Thank you so much Lynne. You have made me to be a bold ambassador for Christ as witnessing using your materials is making the ministerial work easy and more exiting as we have wonderful tools we are using to share the gospel. God Bless You!
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