charis girls350These 2 children were literally dropped off at the CHARIS house, one on Monday and the other Tuesday.

The first little girl pictured has been given the new name Hope. Her real name is Laldinpuii Private info: the mother who is mentally challenged was raped and Hope was born. She has no father in her life and no safe place to stay. We think she is 3

The second child has been given the name Joy. Her real name is Lun Sian Hoih. She is 4. Private info: She was born from very "active" parents. The father is apparently now with someone else and no one wants or can handle the responsibility of raising her.

Joy has been crying for her mother. God is so faithful and brought Hope the next day to CHARIS. Nemi told them they are now sisters and have each other, her and a safe home filled with love. That is the third picture.

Anyone wanting to support these children for $30 a month or $360 per year can do so by PayPal.

Please call the HOW office for more info.