We received this letter from Emmanuel in Malawi;

Wow! Thank you so much for your support. You are keeping me busy serving the Lord & thinking of new and more creative ways of reaching out to people with your books. As l am talking the demand is already high than supply due to the evangelism football league l am introducing in schools where a winner will go away with Jesus Trophy. We are looking for 20 teams that will be competing & the aim is to draw crowds to Jesus using sport as a tool to reach out to the lost interested in sports. Before the match kicks off, there will be preaching of God's word and the converts will be getting Jesus Bible Study book/Sharing Jesus with Children Around the World". We are going to introduce Jesus Bible study groups in different areas where our converts will be coming from. All football players participating in this leagues will be first ones to be witness to before we take the witnessing to the crowd that will be watching the evangelism soccer matches we are introducing. Thank you so much Lynne. You have made me to be a bold ambassador for Christ as witnessing using your materials is making the ministerial work easy and more exiting as we have wonderful tools we are using to share the gospel. God Bless You!