falcon 250Every Tuesday Night:
6:00 - 7:00pm

falconchildrenshome slideMission: To reach God's children through His love and Word, teaching them that all life’s questions and trials are answered by Him, through His Holy Word and prayer.

Motto: Go To God

The mission of the Come Talk About It Groups will be accomplished by:
  • Monthly small group gatherings where children (age groups 6-18) feel safe and free to discuss concerns they know will stay within the group.
  • Icebreaker activities for each specific age group designed to create a safe place.
  • HLOM devotions based upon Scripture and personally written for the prayer needs of each specific group.
  • Praise time: Participants are made aware that God always gives blessings and answers prayer. Prayer request time: Each child writes their prayer request on the HLOM Prayer Request card. It is then placed in their personalized envelope and given back to the leader.
  • God’s Answer: A Scripture verse is written in response to each prayer request. The HLOM God’s Answer card is attached to the Prayer Request card and placed back in the child’s envelope to be returned to them at the next meeting.
  • Daily prayer for every child and his/her prayer need.

Materials Used in the Groups:
  • Come Talk About It Devotionals. A short devotional is used every time a group meets. The devotionals are written by staff and volunteers of HLOM. They are broken up by age groups to meet the needs of each age group.
  • Prayer Request Cards are given to each one attending the “Come Talk About It” meetings. Every child is encouraged to write a prayer request they would like the “Come Talk About It” leaders to pray for. The prayer cards are given to them in an envelope with their names on it to ensure what they share is confidential.
  • God’s Answer Cards are used after a prayer request card has been filled out. The leaders or prayer team are responsible for seeking God’s answer for each prayer request. His Word – Scripture – is written on the God’s Answer card to reinforce our mission that “all of life’s questions and trials are answered by Him, through His Holy Word.”