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His Outreach Worldwide is so honored to have received this award from Jabez Youth Foundation - a wonderful ministry making a difference to children and youth throughout our community. Thank you, Jabez.

jabez award
Thanks to all that came to help at the Thanksgiving Food Giveaway!  On November 19th, 2016 His Bread of Life was able to help more than 100 families have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We met some fantastic people today that had many stories to tell about their struggles, and about their beautiful families.

I would like to share one testimony that really sticks in my mind!

One of the families came to get their food and as they left, a women in this group began to cry. She shared that just a few weeks ago she was helping others in need that had lost a lot during the hurricane. But in the weeks following her helping others, her family had now fallen on very hard times.

Through her tears she said that she never thought that she would EVER need help to make ends meet, but here she was!!! She was just so thankful that His Bread of Life was able to help her family in this time of need, just as she had helped others when she could. She let us know that as soon as her family was back on thier feet she wanted to come help volunteer.

This touched our hearts because this is the REASON our foodbank is here. To help families in need.

As HiS Outreach Worldwide continues it's mission around the world and here at home we sometimes must ask for the support of our tremendous network of friends and generous donors. We are currently making preparations for our upcoming missions abroad and are in dire need of your assistance. Any gift or donation you could provide will be used to better the lives of those touched by HIS Outreach Worldwide. The following are our most urgent needs. We thank you in advance for any help you might provide.

A good calf costs from $220 to $350, one chick costs $4 and one chicken costs $7 I told you if we get $1100 we can build a house for chickens and buy chickens. A goat can cost from $40 to $180 depending on the goat

MYANMAR / Yangon
calfLand for orphanage and church: $10,000
Funds for evangelism in Mindat region: $600
Funds for Christian literature center $1,000

Myanmar / Tamu : Charis Ministry
Funds for orphans: $30 per child per month
Funds for toilet: $600
Funds for well: $1200
Funds for pig house: $120
Funds for pigs: $50 each

We always need printing funds to get the Christian literature throughout the world.
Please help HOW reach those in need by donating non-perishable food. We have our hands on many families and children in need. Our drop off points for HIS BREAD OF LIFE Food Bank are HOW offices, 3013A Raeford Road and Thompson & Little, Inc., 933 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC.

910-864-3991 for donations or assistance info

We have our hands on those in need. This is HOW you can help!

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web8We greet you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Thanks to God's love our ministry is continuing. I want to thank you from my heart for your help. I always feel that your prayers go ahead of us. Your financial support will also be an important part of our ministry. I know it is not I who work in peoples hearts to be saved, but it is God, through you and me, creates this great ministry in our place.

Dear Sister in Christ, we want to continue taking Christ's message of hope, love and mercy to those who are outcasts of society.we need funding for the following program:

Medical clinics,
Children's shelters,
Clothing & feeding programs,
Hope school for orphan & persecuted,

With tears we pray for these children, believing that God will send help for them. Please join our prayers. May God bless your and our ministry in His name!

We need to raise at least $500 per month to make that dream a reality.

Your prayers and support can transform thousands of lives, both now and for all eternity.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Your brother,
Noveed Asif
Hope for Suffering Humanity, Ministries
Punjab, Pakistan.
Richard Suggs, Music Director for Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, assisting Doyle Wood, Daxwood Production with "Let Heaven Sing Hallelujah" mix. Written by Lynne O'Quinn and Doyle Wood, the song will be released as a single in late October, 2016.

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charis girls350These 2 children were literally dropped off at the CHARIS house, one on Monday and the other Tuesday.

The first little girl pictured has been given the new name Hope. Her real name is Laldinpuii Private info: the mother who is mentally challenged was raped and Hope was born. She has no father in her life and no safe place to stay. We think she is 3

The second child has been given the name Joy. Her real name is Lun Sian Hoih. She is 4. Private info: She was born from very "active" parents. The father is apparently now with someone else and no one wants or can handle the responsibility of raising her.

Joy has been crying for her mother. God is so faithful and brought Hope the next day to CHARIS. Nemi told them they are now sisters and have each other, her and a safe home filled with love. That is the third picture.

Anyone wanting to support these children for $30 a month or $360 per year can do so by PayPal.

Please call the HOW office for more info.

Thanks to Lynne O'Quinn and her Ministry "His Outreach Worldwide" hundreds of children in Uganda and DR Congo will get their first taste of clean, pure water. ~ Donald Honeywell - Face to Faith Ministry
STAND PROUD Video/Song has been released!  PLEASE help us get this uplifting patriotic song throughout AMERICA and the world! STAND PROUD with us for the United States of America.

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God took the impossible and made it His victory!

CHARIS MINISTRY FOR WOMEN & CHILDREN in Tamu, Myanmar has begun sewing classes so the women can learn a trade and no longer have to leave their families for 2 years to be servants in Singapore and Malaysia. Several women have already decided to stay for the classes and not leave! Praises to God! We are connected to a Christian business that will buy their mosquito nets from them so they already have income!! The house was donated and the local churches have come together to help. In January we will take in orphans. God is AMAZING!

These photos are from the first day of sewing class at HOW's CHARIS Ministry for Women and Children. Exciting to see them already learning. The first photo is of the instructor who has donated much of her time to this ministry. We all are so blessed!