We received a tour of the facility, met many of the staff who are all so loving a personable. The executive director met with us as well as the family room director for Duke and Wake Med (packages are to be taken there as well) They were overwhelmed at the packages HLOM had brought for the children. We were overwhelmed with the love in the Ronald McDonald home.

God continued to bless us with His many, many miracles. One of the most precious was that He allowed us firsthand to see 2 children run to the packages and pick theirs out. They were so excited to get open them and even more excited to see what was inside! They loved the books, immediately put on their K.Y.E.O.J. bracelets and hugged their stuffed animals until I thought the insides were going to come out! One of the little boys asked "What do I name him?!" You only name things you care about, right? Thanks to the New South River Baptist Association and all the churches for donating the stuffed animals.

They have a wonderful facility which many children call home. The love that is in that home is unbelievable. Truly the Presence of the Lord is in that place. You can feel Him. I pray our packages will reach those who do not know Him and those who do will find His peace and comfort in the words of the books. (One of the Moms had tears in her eyes when she saw the books)

His Little Ones Ministry will be collecting items that are needed for the home and going to bake snacks and cook dinner in the facilities kitchen. We will be feeding about 75.

What a blessing it is to be able to help in this way and more importantly, to be hands and feet in Jesus' Name, delivering His Word and love.

Thank You, Lord, for a beautiful day and a beautiful ministry that is 100% YOURS.
Lynne R. O'Quinn, President