Our day is over, our time here is spent, but we leave having left the gospel message of Jesus Christ with an estimated 1600 - 1700 children! (7 schools, orphans and neighborhood children) There were 100s that raised their hand to accept the Lord and say the prayer of salvation; however, I am not one to say who was "saved" as God alone knows.

I did not have internet in Uganda so to fill you in we shared the gospel with children in the slums, orphanges and schools and churches. Many came forward. We had ministry to widows three afternoons as well as ministry to other adults.

It has been an amazing trip. God has been with us every step of the way. Miracles, signs, wonders . . . God has provided. I know I will be coming back. I am leaving way too many friends and "family". Even the Chief came to see us today and tell us we were always protected here and under his watch.

So, this is a sweet farewell to Kenya and a huge "thank you" to God. He is absolutely amazing.

Saved to serve,

Lynne R. O’Quinn