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shinigstars slideHis Shining Stars is a ministry for children with critical health concerns. If you know a child that would like to receive one of our care packages or you wish to donate one for a child, please contact us through the website or go to the website “Donate”. You may also email Lynne O'Quinn for more information.

Our packages include a personalized hard back 8 x 8 book I AM With You Always, a soft cover Sharing Jesus With Children Around the World booklet, Plant The Word Scripture Cards and case for children, a stuffed animal and a signed card from the His Shining Stars prayer team. Our prayer team will pray for each child and family upon receiving details.

The origins of Shining Stars

shiningstars hug 250The first week of December 2012 found me in the cold, damp orphanages of Moldova. It was without question the hardest mission to date. Many of the precious children I held, kissed and told “Jesus loves you” were soon to return to His arms while I returned home to Christmas lights, decorated trees, parties and presents. No matter how much gaiety, however, God did not remove these children from my heart. I would wake during the night to see their empty eyes and hear their cries. I knew God would not let this rest... nor did I want Him to let me forget these forgotten children of Moldova. My words to everyone who inquired were, “I know these children will have a special place of honor and will shine in heaven.”

On December 21, the His Little Ones Ministry website received two prayer requests for children with special health concerns. To date, we had never received one for a terminally ill child. Now within minutes of each other there were two waiting for response. Both of these requests were from people we did not know concerning children we didn’t know from states far away. I knew they had been sent from God. One of the writers sent a follow up email with the child’s address “just in case His Little Ones Ministry wanted to send a package.” The seed was planted and the His Little Ones Ministry prayer team was contacted. We immediately put together a package containing a stuffed animal, Plant The Word Scripture Cards for children, a Sharing Jesus With Children Around The World book, a Christian coloring book and CD, and a personally signed card from His Little Ones Ministry. This was the start of a precious ministry.

i am with you always book sm readGod had additional plans. At 10:00 a.m. this same morning, God took me to the computer to write I AM With You Always. Jesus dictated as I wrote and it was completed at 10:10. The new ministry now had a new book. As I began to pray about the name of this new ministry, God whispered the words His Shining Stars to me the next morning as I wrote in my prayer journal. I jotted this name down and turned to my daily Bible reading. The first Scripture I came to was Psalm 147:4 which reads: “God counts and names each star.” As it so happens, my favorite line in the book is the one which reads: “I created you to be just who you are... unique and special as each shining star.” No doubt, this was God’s name for His new ministry, His Shining Stars... precious little ones that will have a place of honor and shine in heaven.

The words to the new book were quickly sent to copyright and we began praying for an illustrator. Sue Powers, the ministry vice-president and one who illustrated and formatted Sharing Jesus With Children Around The World just “happened” to bring up Jeffrey Duckworth’s website. In looking at it, she realized he was exactly what we were looking for in an illustrator. We did not know him and certainly had no idea if he would be interested in our project but we felt led to ask. We knew that it had not just “happened” that his website had appeared on Sue’s computer screen. I contacted Jeff with all the details and he was delighted to be a part of this project and now a lasting part of His Outreach Worldwide.

On January 11, God spoke again through Isaiah 40:1... “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” This was the key verse in my daily Bible reading. As I sat quietly with Him, I knew there was something else to be done. Then it came to me. Jesus dictated these words so therefore each line was confirmed with Scripture. This Scripture was what God wanted to comfort the parents as well as the children. I eagerly went to prayer and work adding the exact Scripture verses God wanted for the second part of the book... His Words of comfort.

What you are now holding in your hands is His message to you, filled with His love for you and His comfort to you. I know these things: God is holy and God is sovereign. God loves the little children. He loves us all – enough to send His One and Only Son to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life through our faith in Jesus Christ. God wants you to know He is always there for you, no matter what. He wants you to know His love, His peace, His comfort.

Trust in Him. That is all you have to do. Whisper His name and you will hear Him answer back... I AM With You Always.

NOTE: Currently these packages are only available in the U.S. unfortunately. The cost for a package is $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping. Please keep checking this website for any changes as we hope to one day ship them Internationally as well.

All things in God's perfect will and timing.