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starsandstripes slideHis Stars and Stripes and these books are dedicated to helping the children of parents who served our country in the Military Service.  So many families of veterans no longer have them present in their lives to love and grow up with.  Sadly, there are many more whose parents came back physically, but they are certainly not the same.  The permanent wounds and scars they bear will never allow them the freedom to be who they were before their service to our country.

It is easy to see some of their scars as they are on the outside of their bodies - maybe amputated limbs, loss of sight or hearing, scars from being shot or blown up - but the greatest number of life altering wounds are those that remain unseen and often unspoken of - their mental wounds.  You cannot do all that they were asked to do and experience all they were forced to witness and feel as they served this great nation of ours and remain unchanged...forever!  We owe every veteran and their families the utmost respect, honor and appreciation for what they have done, and those serving are continuing to do, even at this very moment, to make our lives here in the greatest country to ever exist, with all our freedoms and rights, a reality everyday and not some pipe dream of maybe one day. 

The four books below have been published and we hope you help a child of a veteran or current military service member by giving them one of these books.  They need to know that God IS still there and He loves them to help them along the journey of this new life that is now their reality everyday. 

There are actually two books, each has a version for a Daddy and a Mommy who served. 

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standproud cdWe are also proud to offer a patriotic song "Stand Proud" to honor all those who have sacrificed and do sacrifice for this country, giving honor to our flag and all it represents. The proceeds from "Stand Proud" go to HIS STARS & STRIPES, a ministry to honor the sacrifices made by our military children. Your tax-deductibe donation for the song "Stand Proud", will assist in meeting the needs of military children through counseling services where needed and care packages that are specially designed to comfort and encourage each child.

Our packages include the books, "My Daddy Wore A Uniform" or "My Mommy Wore A Uniform"; "Sharing Jesus With Children Around the World" booklet; "Plant The Word Scripture Cards"; a stuffed animal, a K.Y.E.O.J. braclet and a signed card from the His Stars & Stripes Prayer Team. Our prayer team will pray for each child and family upon receiving details.

If you know a military child that would like to receive one of our care packages or you wish to donate one for a child, please email Lynne O'Quinn for more information.

His Stars & Stripes is a division of His Little Ones Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit located in Fayetteville, NC. near Fort Bragg, home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces.

I am reminded of the saying that is all too true:  SOME GAVE ALL, but ALL GAVE SOME