Thanks to all that came to help at the Thanksgiving Food Giveaway!  On November 19th, 2016 His Bread of Life was able to help more than 100 families have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We met some fantastic people today that had many stories to tell about their struggles, and about their beautiful families.

I would like to share one testimony that really sticks in my mind!

One of the families came to get their food and as they left, a women in this group began to cry. She shared that just a few weeks ago she was helping others in need that had lost a lot during the hurricane. But in the weeks following her helping others, her family had now fallen on very hard times.

Through her tears she said that she never thought that she would EVER need help to make ends meet, but here she was!!! She was just so thankful that His Bread of Life was able to help her family in this time of need, just as she had helped others when she could. She let us know that as soon as her family was back on thier feet she wanted to come help volunteer.

This touched our hearts because this is the REASON our foodbank is here. To help families in need.