H.O.W. has received a letter from Sardick I Sikapoko who lives in a village that was recently given a Living Water System during one of our missions. He expresses beautifully why our Living Water ministries exists. LWS and HOW are changing lives.

"Sometimes my face is always covered with huge tears of Joy especially after every Evangelism Mission Outside far remote uneasy to reach Locations. Foristance, the village i had went two days ago is called Mianzi and after sharing Jesus to several homes, people listened to me very much, they loved Jesus' message.

However, they never told me about their dirty and UNSAFE water they use for Cooking and Drinking. I SAW WITH MY EYES Water that looked like the mixture of Milk and Some Brown colors like chocolate or brown muddy from their ''OPEN WELLS'' exposed to everyone drawing and cleaning their Feet or Legs. IN pictures of water you see in attachment is the Water used by everyone in their village and surrounding villages i reached and Ministered to people through your Water Purifier System.

Many people who had come with containers of Dirty waters had theirs purified and were overjoyed because they Saw how we purified the Water together and they Tasted the Water and were overjoyed to see the Clean Water they have never experienced. The mother you see cooking some chapati, was among many women who enjoyed very much purified water including the husband. Please, for-example, those ones you see washing their legs to the Well they draw Water from is one couple that led me to go and see where they draw water from [and they draw water using the Container cut and fixed in a tree] which is left there always and used by many different peoples who live in locations of 30 minutes walking distance to reach their well. Their main cry in their areas also was that, ''SOME PEOPLE DO BATH INSIDE THEIR WELL WATER, leading to increases of many diseases due to Drinking and Cooking using Dirty Water''. Thus, requested if they can be GIVEN WATER PURIFIES to reduce the current diseases which are also inflicting or killing many Children.

The pictures you see where not the only peoples i ministered to through your WATER PURIFIER equipment but some were not taken pictures due to my phone loosing its Power. Otherwise which is 390 Kilometers from Dar es salaam to get there has many peoples whose their living conditions when it comes to water, their problem is the same. I had mentioned the love of God to them that it was the Executive or HIS OUTREACH WORLDWIDE, the President Lynne the Head of it was the ONE who God used to bless YOU with a provision of Water Purification. Please, you have touched many lives, and Yes, people are appreciated in deeper of their hearts.

Thank you for your kindness and love for these communities. May God continue to bless you so that were possible even with a very Few of your Water Purifier given to them could reduce the large increases in diseases. Please, in photos, i am wearing a long sleeved red shirt. Thank you for your support and prayers for me. May GOD bless you more abundantly for your tireless and sacrifice for his children's spiritual transformation as well as their daily physical challenges of water problem causing many diseases."

Sardick I Sikapoko.